Patty Downright Polaroid portrait


This above is the very first Impossible Project picture I ever took in my life. I quite like that, even more than the ones I shot later, which may sound strange.
Some bad things: the brown stain above is due to the uneven distribution of the photographic emulsion. This could have been caused by the not perfect condition of the rollers of the camera that should squeeze the picture while it comes out from it. Anyway I guess this is part of the game.

By the way this is Patty, illustrator, artist and former singer of Downright, italian hardcore punk band. They lasted from 2000 circa to 2011 and were quite seminal as they played a very personal sort of thrashcore in the vein of Spazz, What Happens Next and so on.

Here are their Facebook page and MySpace profile (anyone still using MySpace out there?) where you can find some pictures and videos (both not by me). I will post soon some of the photographs I took of them a bunch of years ago for their 10 years (last) show (ever).

Anyway it’s too bad they fucking split up some time ago.