So, today Salmo again.

This time please let me show you his stage pictures. As I already told you on wedsneday, his concert are really passionate and I believe you can understand what I talking about from the following photographs.


It’s too bad his set lasted for short time, 45 minutes if I do remember well, but all of us really enjoyed it.


Salmo was together two other singers that accompained him. And they really helped to charge up the atmosphere, believe me.


You should have seen how a boring province town turned in kinda hell where everybody was screaming and slamdancing. At some point Salmo and his guys began to throw Vans merchandise from the stage and everybody went wild down in the pit so that the security guys got incredibly angry. I always love when I see pissed off security brutes, I think it’s kind of punk rock heritage like “no autority!”. LOL.

Again, have a look to Salmo’s website and merchandise.
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