Salmo, while talking in the backstage

Yo guys.

Today I want to show you something I found while I was searching in my database for the previous Turbonegro entry. I don’t know how this photograph got lost and in my opinion it’s a shame I didn’t publish before.

This is Salmo, one of the best Italian rapper by now. I watched him live while I was at the Vans Spring Classic in may 2012. Its gig as been definitely rad, engaging, and everybody had lots of fun. I never saw the audience performing a Wall of Death at a rap concert but it somehow happened… I felt like I was at an hardcore punk gig instead.

I didn’t know him before but Salmo prooved to be a great guy. I talked a bit with him after the live performance and he let me take a portrait in the backstage while he was relaxing and this above is the result. I like it a lot and it is a nice souvenir too, I will never forget the great time I had.

So, if you like well done rap then have a look to Salmo’s website and merchandise.
And follow him on Facebook and/or Twitter too!