I’m sure you everybody know Turbonegro. At least I hope so. They are the kings of the so-called deathpunk, from Norway.


I saw them live at Vans Spring Classic, May 8th 2012, in Varazze (SV), Italy, which has been kind of cool because they are one of my favourite band playing almost in my hometown. It has been a difficult assignment to carry out because at that time I suffered from unmanaged arthritis but, since I got an AAA, I couldn’t waste such an opportunity and went there nonetheless. I saw them live together with others about who I will tell you later in other posts.


This was the very first concert with their new singer Tony Silvester who took the place of Hank Von Helvete and also recorded the new album, Sexual Harassment (quite a name). There were like 5000 people so it is needless to say they have been a blast and we had lots of fun, I almost forgot I was there for work.


During this event they shot the video for their new single “You give me worms” and yes, I briefly appear from quite a distance, in the photographers area. Too bad I didn’t shot their video but at least I can see “I’ve been there” ahah.


By the way, my arthritis is not a problem anymore, I feel lucky.