Toolbox Terror, Bind Torture and Kill graphics


As some of you knew, I collaborated with the mighty Toolbox Terror. They are a death metal band from Genova, Italy and are about to come out with a new record called Bind, Torture and Kill. The music is sick and so are the lyrics. Great album for all those extreme metalheads out there, seriously, simply rad.

My work with them has been all about photography and graphics. I hope it is worthy enough of this amazing music.

They told me to think about something for their new record so I asked them what they were looking for. “Alessio, we want the most rotten and sickest thing that can come up to your mind”, that’s what they told me. So we developed a theme about a serial killer who kidnaps a young girl in order, of course, to bind, torture and kill her. The main inspiration about this has been a true story about the murderer called The BTK Killer, Dennis Rader, convicted for life imprisonment for killings around Wichita, Kansas between 1974 and 1991.

We found a model, whose name is Giulia, and I put together a big amount of pictures to build up the whole thing. Since we had quite an extreme shoot to do, I was afraid she could say “No, I’m not doing this boys, you are a bunch of mental guys” but this didn’t happen, she has been very collaborative and very professional as well.

I hope you like the work as much as I enjoyed making it, because in the end I am more than satisfied.