Lords of Altamont


Jake “The Preacher” Cavaliere in action

Some time ago I went to Shake club in La Spezia to see Lords of Altamont. They are a garage/punk/psych from Los Angeles and feature members of The BomborasThe Fuzztones and The Cramps.
What should I say? Well, what a blast of a band! I’ve been just slightly interested in garage punk before 2011 when my (now ex) girlfriend made me listen to M.O.T.O. stuff. From that time on, well, I must admit that I should have began before!


Anyway, these guys seriously know what they do! The gig lasted almost two hours and they played so fast, with so brief pauses that felt like “hey, don’t they never get tired?”. They also brought together with them the go-go dancer Moana Santana who got enthusiastic feedback. I love her I guess. So, as usual, please check out the photographs and let me know what do you think.




And here are some videos too, not shot by me, of course. Just to make you understand the style of these guys: