Hot Water Music & Chuck Ragan


I bet you all know what Hot Water Music is.
Well, for those who don’t, it basically refers to two things: the first is the 1983 collection of short stories by Charles Bukowski and the second, which of course takes the name from the previous case, is the Gainsville, FL, post hardcore band.

During summer 2011 I had the luck to see the live in Brescia and I must say they are still a great band. They formed in 1993 and since then they had some pauses in their career but it seems they never truly totally stopped to play their music around.

Their music is kind of a very emotive hardcore with greatly structured guitar riffs and two voices. I would like to talk about their lyrics as well but I would like you to listen to them and make your own personal opinion.

When Hot Water Music split up in 2006, Chuck launched his solo career. This is about great songs and acoustic folk-punk and so far he put out 7 studio albums.

As I said before, I met him in 2010 in Brescia. He played with Hot Water Music and after he had a duet with my friend Gab De La Vega: they sang Let It Rain, one of Ragan’s solo songs.

In the end, my impression about Chuck Ragan has been extremely positive, such a humble and helpful guy that plays very sincere music. I would really like to suggest you to read one of his interviews with which you will understand what am  I talking about. See the links below and enjoy.

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