Bello Figo (formerly known as Gucci Boy) – Ingiusto preview


Here’s something you probably didn’t know: Italy’s finest swag rapper Gucci Boy and Homeboy photography have joined forces for some visual stuff that is going to come out in short time. Feeling curious? Here’s a teaser:

After hits like “Mi faccio una segha”, “Gucci presidente d’Italia” and “Ce l’ho grosso” (which mean respectively “I jack off”, “Gucci president of Italy” and “I’ve got a big cock”) Gucci Boy planned to put out some covers, so get ready for the next hit, Ingiusto!
The video by Homeboy photography is being shot these days and will be uploaded on Youtube Homeboy photography channel as soon as we decide if the world is ready for such a blast in hip hop music.



In the meantime we had some fun taking pictures for promo purposes on the set of the video itself. Do you like them? Spread the word, have fun and support Gucci Boy!