The Gonn & Craig Moore


When I went to Festival Beat in Salsomaggiore, I had the luck to see the Gonn live. Incredible band indeed. May I call them proto-punk? Anyway, to me they have been the best band at that festival.


For those who don’t know, the Gonn is a 1960s American garage rock band from Keokuk, Iowa, USA. They have been (are) quite famous in the garage scene mainly because of their song Blackout of Gretely:

Some people say this is one of the best punk/garage/psychedelic song ever: for instance, in 2008, the UK publication MOJO Magazine also listed it in the Top 10 garage psych singles of all time. Personally I just can’t tell, I’m too ignorant. I just like Gonn, a lot.

They were active during 1966-1968, split up in 1969 but they also have reunited in 1990 and mounted European tours in 1997 (to promote their 30 years reunion album), 2001, and 2009, and recorded & released an all-new, all-original album called “GONN ’45 Fully Loaded” in 2012.


I shot a bunch of pictures at the band while playing but I am particularly proud of this one below: a clear portrait of friendship, no matter the time passed. Love it!