Against Me!

Last 30th July I went in La Spezia to see Against Me! live. I drove overall like 320km getting back home late at night to get a few hour of sleep before waking up and going to work. I would say it has been worth the effort.

I am a great fan of them and I wanted to see them live since long time so being wasted the day after in office did not scare me at all. For those who don’t know they are kinda punk rock/folk punk band from Naples (or Gainsville?), Florida, USA. An old tradition they have since the beginning is to play their songs both with electric guitars and acoustic.

They did this also with their last album which came out in two versions and of course two different titles: White Crosses (which is the electric version) and Black Crosses (that includes some b-sides and acoustic stuff).

Personally, I totally love their acoustic stuff: first of all Acoustic EP, then Tom Gabel’s (aka Laura Jane Grace) Heart Burns which is in my opinion quite a masterpiece.

Anyway, right now Tom Gabel came out as a transgender with plans to transition to living as a woman. This is a great demonstration of courage and it’s quite a good thing for the punk rock scene. Personally I am very sympathetic to him and I have great respect for his choice which i don’t think it is an easy one. at all. Needless to say, I am really proud to have been able to take photographs of him and his band during one of his first concerts after the public coming out.


I wish I could take some portraits of them but this has been impossible. I took just a Polaroid of Andrew, the bassist. I’ll post it soon.

The concert has been a blast and there were lots of people so the better advice I can give you is to go to see them if you can. What you don’t know them? ok, check out their new single!