Yesterday night I went to Varazze at Osteria dell’Amor Cieco (which in english sounds like Blind Love Inn, quite distinguished indeed) to watch Giuda’s concert.


They are a great rock and roll band from Rome, Italy, and they are seriously amazing in my opinion. Their sound is pretty much like a mix of glam rock and Ac/Dc stuff with a touch of punk rock which makes everything way interesting to me.As many may know, they are the same guys who were into another Italian great band from Rome: Taxi. If you like such stuff, go for them, you can’t go wrong.


And now answer to this brief trivia: do you know this guy above? His name is Danilo and, as far as I know, he is a former boxer so don’t mess with him and don’t even try to screw things at one of Giuda’s concerts ;-)

Don’t even say I didn’t warn you!