The Reverend Beat-Man


Do you like one-man-bands? well, I do. And this one is quite incredible.
The guy above is known as Reverend Beat-Man and is from Bern, Switzerland and he plays garage rock , raw and sick like there was no tomorrow. I saw his performance at Salsomaggiore’s Festival Beat 2012 and it has been love at first sight. He played his stuff together with his children which I would call a great way to educate the offspring, ahahah! They have been LOVELY so I said “ok, I must take a picture of the best family I EVER saw”. This photo above is what I got. Unluckly I was so hasty that I screwed the aperture so that the boy is now out of focus. Nonetheless I had to publish this, for the reasons I told you before.

Talking about music, this is what he says about himself:

1983 he started as a one man band and he is still a one man band, for the Live Shows it’s mostly Reverend Beat-Man alone but he has several guest musicians […] Reverend Beat-Man is a parodie on the fundamentalist TV Church Preachers all Around the world, the Music is Gospel Trash.. gospel means the Truth… […]

Quite self-explanatory, I would say.

Anyway, he is best known for hits like Jesus Christ Twist

Or, I’ve got the Devil inside

He even did some collaborations


If you like such music, go and get some here:

I wish I could take pictures of the Beat family again! If you come across one of his concerts, enjoy!